COVID-19 Business Statement

Five Star Taxis Ltd is closely monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus as it develops, and as a responsible business we are committed to updating our staff and customers on all precautions and safety measures as they announced and implemented.

Staying Safe; We are continuing our safety measures to ensure that our customers and our drivers can operate as easily and safely as possible:

New Measures In Place
  • Our drivers have been instructed to use antibacterial wipes on all common areas (such as door handles and seatbelt clips) after every journey.
  • All drivers will wear a face covering (unless exempt, where an exemption badge will be worn).
  • All vehicles have been fitted with Driver Bubble™ protective, clear hard plastic screens, separating the front and back of the car.
  • In line with the most recent government’s guidelines you can travel in a group of up to 2 households in a taxi, unless you are travelling for a reason that is exempt.
  • All vehicles are now equipped with in-car card payment facilities in addition to still accepting cash. We now accept card, contactless and mobile-pay payments, giving customers the freedom to pay however they wish and without handling cash.
  • We accept telephone payments in advance of journeys, customers can call our Control Room to book and pay before they travel.
  • Drivers have been instructed not to volunteer to touch customers’ personal belongings such as shopping/luggage, please mention at the time of booking if you believe you may require assistance and we will ensure the driver is notified that they are authorised to do so before you are collected. Please do not be offended that your driver no longer takes the initiative.

In addition to these measures, our Control Room office remains closed to drivers and customers, this helps us maintain a clean and safe working environment for our staff. *This is in the process of review and our offices will re-open in due course as it is deemed a safe and responsible move.

We request that our customers wear face coverings in our vehicles, as per the latest Government Guidelines, but this is not mandatory if you are exempt.

The latest Government guidelines on travel in taxis can be found at the link below:

We understand that this situation continues to be very dynamic as information continues to change. We will keep our customers updated as any changes are released.

Updated: 21st May 2021

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